Social Scene

Wild Water is as active on the social scene as any other. Bank holiday weekends away are often more about socialising than paddling – we’re not always guaranteed rain or surf, but there’s no question that there’ll be a party or three!

Organised events range from fancy dress themed nights out to pub quizzes, treasure hunts and festive parties. Our two major events of the year are the Open Day and Christmas party. The first takes place at the end of the summer, whereby all and sundry are invited to come down to the clubhouse to see what we have to offer and try out a bit of paddling. It’s followed up that evening by a BBQ/party with music and laughter, and finishes up in the wee hours.

The Christmas party is our big opportunity to prove that we can all scrub up well. Dress code is glam – no fleeces allowed.

Informally, it is really impossible to keep up with all the social opportunities that arise. From birthdays, to going away drinks, to “just because”, there always seems to be a gathering somewhere.

You can stay informed of social activities by:
  1. Checking the calendar regularly
  2. Check out the forum on regularly
  3. Follow us on Facebook
  4. Joining the various Whats App groups