Welcome to Wild Water Kayak Club

Wild Water Kayak Club, located near Palmerstown Wier on the river Liffey and is the largest network of paddlers in Ireland

The club is open to new members to join, and also provides Beginner courses as a route to graduating into the club. The club has a reputation for fun, safety and learning.

The club has active participants in each of the disciplines the club is involved in – Adventure Kayaking, Open Canoeing, Marathon, Polo, Slalom, and Wild Water Racing. There is a range of abilities in each discipline from novice to expert, and paddlers are encouraged whether they prefer to specialise in one discipline or partake in them all and whether they want to participate in a competitive or recreational manner. The club also has a flourishing junior section which caters for all levels from beginners courses through to instructor level training.

Based in the Strawberry Beds, Dublin, the Wild Water clubhouse is located on the banks of the River Liffey, just above Palmerstown Weir.

The club facilitates successful introductory courses every year to introduce people to kayaking and canoeing. We have a significant number of qualified and trainee instructors and if you would like to learn to canoe or kayak in Dublin, we encourage you to get in touch at beginners@wwkc.net.

To find out more about the club in general, why not have a look through the website.

Kayaking Course Testimonials

I did the beginners course in 2017. Over the year, I’ve met great people, got a lot of fresh air, went on a load of club kayaking trips, learned new skills and stepped out of my comfort zone. There is a real sense of community in the club and the people are just lovely. Two thumbs up from me 

Una L

Brilliant course! My partner and me did it last year and haven’t looked back. You get to visit and see places from an entirely new perspective and meet some great people along the way. People at the club are supportive, helpful and very knowledgeable and volunteer their time selflessly. I highly recommend it if you want to try something new and fun this summer.

Philip W

Hi there, if your reading this your probably thinking.. hey should I do this kayaking thing!? Well if u like a challenge, to do something different, to meet great people, to see those rivers and places that you may have walked past or driven over from a totally different perspective, while having fun and having a buzz, then my friend this course is for you! I started out with a few Groupon deals, a bit of sea kayaking and then did the beginners course at WWKC. The people at this club just make it awesome to be a part of. So try it, if u don’t love it, I’ll eat my life jacket 

Clayton N

I started back in 2010 and signed up to do the beginners course with a friend who was taking part in an adventure race who needed to learn how to kayak. I just went along for the craic, and here l am, 8 years later, addicted to paddling and all that comes with it. Best fun ever, adrenaline racing, calming, you build so many life skills too along with seeing the beautiful countryside from a new perspective. Don’t sit on the fence, invest in this course, its an experience, an adventure and it will change your life for the better.

Amy C
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