Learn To Kayak Beginners Courses 2022

WWKC Beginners Kayaking Course Dublin

Want to get outdoors and try something new this summer?

Meet new people and get confident on the water at our safe and fun adult Beginners Kayaking courses!

When you learn to kayak on a Wild Water Kayak Club Beginners Kayaking Course, you get much more than just the course. You also become a member of Ireland’s largest and most diverse paddle sports club, with opportunities to try out all the paddling disciplines such as adventure kayaking, marathon, wild water racing, canoe polo, slalom & open canoeing.

The course fee doesn’t just cover the course. It’s an introduction to the club and we provide continuous training to encourage you to progress in kayaking. The price for our Beginners Kayaking Course is now only €210.

All courses include Canoeing Ireland membership

Participants must be 18yrs or over


I did the beginners course in 2017. Over the year, I’ve met great people, got a lot of fresh air, went on a load of club kayaking trips, learned new skills and stepped out of my comfort zone. There is a real sense of community in the club and the people are just lovely. Two thumbs up from me 

Una L

Brilliant course! My partner and me did it last year and haven’t looked back. You get to visit and see places from an entirely new perspective and meet some great people along the way. People at the club are supportive, helpful and very knowledgeable and volunteer their time selflessly. I highly recommend it if you want to try something new and fun this summer.

Philip W

Hi there, if your reading this your probably thinking.. hey should I do this kayaking thing!? Well if u like a challenge, to do something different, to meet great people, to see those rivers and places that you may have walked past or driven over from a totally different perspective, while having fun and having a buzz, then my friend this course is for you! I started out with a few Groupon deals, a bit of sea kayaking and then did the beginners course at WWKC. The people at this club just make it awesome to be a part of. So try it, if u don’t love it, I’ll eat my life jacket 

Clayton N

I started back in 2010 and signed up to do the beginners course with a friend who was taking part in an adventure race who needed to learn how to kayak. I just went along for the craic, and here l am, 8 years later, addicted to paddling and all that comes with it. Best fun ever, adrenaline racing, calming, you build so many life skills too along with seeing the beautiful countryside from a new perspective. Don’t sit on the fence, invest in this course, its an experience, an adventure and it will change your life for the better.

Amy C

Course Times:

The evening courses start at 6:30pm and finish around 9:30pm

The weekend courses start at 9.30am and finish around 4pm.

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During the Course:

  • Pre-course Introduction Talk

  • Canoeing Ireland’s Level 2 Assessment

  • Membership of WWKC to the end of December 2022

  • Use of club boats, paddles, spraydecks, helmets, wetsuits and buoyancy aids

  • Fully qualified Canoeing Ireland Instructors

  • Our Level 2 skills courses and assessments are fully certified by Canoeing Ireland.

After the Course:

  • Continuation sessions to get you started on your journey to L3 (moving water)

  • Kayaking Clothing and Gear Introduction Talk

  • River trips throughout Ireland with club leaders.

  • Use of club gear (boats, paddles, etc.) on club trips till December 2022

  • Progression sessions and continuous training

  • Weekly Pool Sessions in Winter – to learn and practice Eskimo Rolls (extra fees of €10 to cover pool hire)

  • Access to all disciplines from a beginner level upwards (Open canoeing, Slalom, Canoe polo, Marathon, Wild Water Racing)

The WWKC Beginners Kayaking Courses Dublin covers the following:

    • An understanding of the basic safety rules of canoeing
    • An ability to enter and exit a kayak correctly
    • Forward paddle, reverse paddle, and stop.
    • An ability to turn while stationary using forward sweep stroke, reverse sweep stroke and a combination of forward and reverse sweep strokes.
    • Simple draw stroke
    • Low brace
    • Turning on the move
    • Edging while the kayak is moving
    • Lower body rotation
    • Capsize drill
    • An ability to assist in an assisted X rescue and/or an H rescue


The clubhouse is located on the Strawberry Beds road near the Angler’s Rest pub. Coming from Chapelizod travel up Knockmaroon hill, veer left at the traffic lights and the club is about 400 metres from the lights on the left-hand side. Parking is available in the Angler’s Rest car park

For further information email beginners@wwkc.net

Looking forward to seeing you on the Water!

WWKC Beginners Officers 2022