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Club membership is available on an individual or family basis.

Individual members

  • Seniors –
    membership fee: €100 per year
  • Students/Juniors/Unemployed –
    membership fee: €50 per year

    Juniors are under 18, students are over 18 but still in 2nd or 3rd level education


Family membership

Membership fee €140 per year

  • This is open to any family unit consisting of adult parents or carer(s), and children who would otherwise be eligible for junior or student membership. The purpose of family membership is to encourage adult parents and carers to become involved in the sport along with their children.


The above definition does NOT include children other than your own or children of whom you’re the carer, nor does it include two club members who happen to be a couple.

The question as to whether any particular application is suitable for consideration as a family membership shall be reserved to the committee. Each family membership shall be entitled to one vote per adult carer and one vote per child (aged over 16 on 1st Jan in the relevant club year) as registered at the time of approval by the committee.


Membership Renewal

We have tried to make membership renewal as painless as possible for all concerned. Simply visit the membership renewal page, fill in the blanks as appropriate, click the Register membership renewal button, and make payment as advised.

Membership renewal must be completed, and payment made, by February 28th 2017. After this date, club house access fobs of members who have not renewed will be disabled, and boats belonging to such members will be removed from the club’s boat sheds.

Joining the club

The normal means of joining the club is by taking part in a beginner’s course, which for adults are in the May – August time frame, and for juniors start with pool sessions in October. If you’re an experienced paddler interested in joining the club, please email the Membership Officer at

Life Members

Life members have membership for life and as such do not actually need to renew their membership each year. A life member need only use the membership renewal form if he/she wants to register for ICU membership or to apply for a boat space.

Boat spaces

Fee €50 per year

A limited number of boat spaces is available at the club, for a fee of €50 per year. Only fully paid up members may have boat spaces. Members are usually limited to 1 space, but may be allocated another on request depending on availability. All boat space allocation is at the discretion of the committee and its decision is final.
No member is guaranteed a boat space. In the event that you have applied and paid for a boat space but were not allocated one, you will of course receive a refund.

Canoeing Ireland Registration

All club membership must now include registration with Canoeing Ireland. The annual charge for Canoeing Ireland registration is €20 for seniors and students and €5 for juniors.

Registered Instructors

Club members who are Canoeing Ireland registered instructors should renew their Canoeing Ireland registration with their club membership. Note that this is a change in practice since 2012 as instructors previously registered directly with the TDU (training and development unit).