WWKC win Club Champs 2015! Pics and results…

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WWKC win Club Champs 2015! Pics and results…

Blessed with brilliant sunshine, the 21 Junior, 13 Student, and 17 Senior entrants from WWKC won both the Senior and Junior Club Championships for the second year in a row; and with a set of Polo PFDs, a Dagger Axiom and Palm youth PFD, good prizes were taken home too.

Careful background preparation; including a triplicate entry, sent to double targets, two days ahead of schedule, showed the hard work done by the organising team of: Fiona, Eric, Anja, Conor, and Doc, so a special word of thanks there.

Whilst praise should be given to the overall CI race director Benny, especially for laying on sunshine, our own team of volunteers gave well more than due (i.e. about 2/8 of entries were WWKC, but 3/8 of events were organised by WWKC); so further thanks to: Eric – Polo, Colm – Slalom, and Martin – WWR.

Individually I’m sure all our racers tried their best, from longest club race span Doc in Slalom to shortest club race span Ryan in Sprint, and the sneaky rafters in between !

Overall club result, – total points scored and discipline position



Best Scoring Athletes – well done girls!:

WWKCCleo Pitcher FarrellFemaleZU16346
WWKCMollie ClaffeyFemaleU18122


Slalom Results:

Michelle O’HerlihyFemaleZU16k193.651100
Cleo Pitcher FarrellFemaleZU16k1117.12463
Maeve MartinFemaleZU16k1112.18375
Éadaoin WhelanFemaleSeniork1183360
Sarah McDonaghFemaleSeniork191.721100
Ariane ForsterfemaleMasterk1137.281100
Maeve MartinFemaleZU16c1130.062
Caoimhe O’FerrallfemaleU18c198.781
Michael O’HerlihyMaleZU16k1234938
David WoodMALEZU16k1149662
Neil DignamMaleZU16k198.53292
Liam LeNoachMaleZU16k1188.1846
Eoin MoorhouseMALEU18k1105.15520
Cade RyanMaleSeniork171.461100
Sam CurtisMaleSeniork173.03292
Tadhg O’FerrallMaleSeniork179.18475
Cillian O’FerrallMaleSeniork192.06658
Doc MartinMALEMasterk195.21382
Mark RedmondMaleMasterk1100.9564
Chris PinnerMaleMasterk11000119
Fionn McNallyMaleZU16c1102.31360
Eoin MoorhouseMALEU18c1107.5440


Sprint Results:

WWKCMollie ClaffeyFemaleU18K1333
WWKCAnja BunzelfemaleSeniorK1280
WWKCAisling SmithfemaleSeniorK1360
WWKCFiona KellyFemaleMasterK11100
WWKCRyan TataruMaleZU16 K1733
WWKCCian ClarkeMaleU18K1533
WWKCConor QuinnMALESeniorK1836
WWKCOdhrán McNallyMaleSeniorK1655

Wild Water Racing Results:

WWKCCleo Pitcher FarrellFemaleZU16k1739173283
WWKCMichelle O’HerlihyFemaleZU16K16365631100
WWKCMollie ClaffeyFemaleU18K1917777289
WWKCÉadaoin WhelanFemaleSeniorK1100100733
WWKCFionn McNallyMaleZU16C1676464267
WWKCEoin MoorhouseMALEU18C1718071333
WWKCMichael O’HerlihyMaleZU16K17676383
WWKCDafydd DaviesMALEZU16K1927676383
WWKCFionn DonoghueMALEZU16k1988282658
WWKCCade RyanMaleSeniorK1535353380
WWKCConor QuinnMALESeniorK1575252290
WWKCOdhrán McNallyMaleSeniork15044441100


Polo Results:



Freestyle Results:

WWKCFranzi FehrFemaleSeniork110250
WWKCFionn McNallyMaleZU16k11101100


Marathon Results:

WWKCCleo Pitcher FarrellFemaleZU16GP26951100
WWKCFiona KellyFemaleMasterGP33041100
WWKCColette O’HerlihyFemaleMasterGP4569440
WWKCMichelle O’HerlihyFemaleZU16K1/SK/WWR2330286
WWKCShauna StynesFemaleZU16K1/SK/WWR4737629
WWKCAisling SmithfemaleSeniorK1/SK/WWR19671100
WWKCMichael O’HerlihyMaleZU16GP2908333
WWKCDavid WoodMALEZU16GP2907267
WWKCJack StynesMaleU18GP4517714
WWKCChris PinnerMaleMasterGP4571425
WWKCBrian O’HerlihyMaleMasterGP4567350
WWKCAlex StynesMaleZU16K14554333
WWKCOdhrán McNallyMaleSeniorK11761275
WWKCBrian NolanMaleMasterK12426350
WWKCJames SmythMaleSeniorK2/T218731100
WWKCNeil DignamMaleZU16WWR2216333
WWKCCian ClarkeMaleU18WWR1894267
WWKCConor QuinnMALESeniorWWR18331100


Le Mans Results:

WWKCCleo Pitcher FarrellFemaleZU161100100
WWKCMichelle O’HerlihyFemaleZU1626767
WWKCFionn McNallyMaleZU1637878
WWKCKevin QuinnMaleZU1628989
WWKCCian ClarkeMaleU1842525


Full results now available at
http://canoe.ie/club-championships/club … ults-2015/

Pics of the Weekend



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