WWKC Triple Crown Races: Results

WWKC Triple Crown Races: Results

A fabulous day was had by all at the WWKC Triple Crown Races!

Well done to all those who competed! Thanks to Doc Martin and Edel Casserly for all their hard work, all those who helped out on the day, aswell as RAPID Ladies Rafting Team for some delicious refreshments!

Hope no one had too many tummy aches from all the yum grub!



Overall Results

[toggle title=”Final Totals”]

NameGenderGroupMarathonWWRSlalomFinal Points(Age weighted)Final Points
Maeve MartinFU1440:4202:08139380581
Cleo Pitcher FarrellFU1437:0002:07183377585
Conor QuinnMU1825:2601:23110277581
Tom BrennanMU2323:3201:13123235592
Emma MacHughFU2338:43DNR193233580
Ciara HannonFU14DNF02:41206401566
Jack O’HaganMU1824:3901:21340274568
Roisin HannonFU1243:3702:21199480581
Michelle O’HerlihyFU1440:4002:02131366589
Mark SlatteryMU1624:4401:29188310567
Conor Healy (K1)MU2325:0301:21102249589
Conor Healy (C1)MU2301:5079187
Ciara FarrellFU1636:0102:07124352595
Cade RyanMU1825:1001:2194286592
Ryan O’ ConnorMU1425:1001:24208322561
Odhrán Mc Nally (K1)MU1825:4901:19113288582
Brian O’NeillMU1626:3401:26148320576
Tom BurkeMU2326:3601:2798220580
Craig CumminsMU1626:3701:22178313569
Oisin FarrellMU1827:1901:2498280575
Cian ClarkeMU1628:0201:29174302561
Ronan FoleyMU1429:3901:46205343549
Aaron FoleyMU1433:4401:50149372561
Darragh ClarkeMU1434:0301:51141353561
Louis HannonMU1434:0901:51182334544
Fionn Mc NallyMU1434:3501:53169340547
Ronan SlatteryMU1436:0001:56171342540
Cormac SlatteryMU1436:0201:57148344544
Oisín McKayMU1436:0501:50197328535
Kevin QuinnMU1437:05DNF155329530
Kate McCarthyFU1431:3501:51185362590
Finn McKayMU1041:3202:23130461553
Sean TrantMU1041:5202:07233488537
Michael O’HerlihyMU1244:5202:06179410545
Donnchadh FarrellMU10DNF02:35298459528
Eadaoin WhelanFU2330:5101:47149267597
Odhrán Mc Nally (C1)MU1801:5491183


Female Races

[toggle title=”Female Wild Water Sprint”]

First Name
1Eadaoin WhelanU231:47
2Kate McCarthyU141:51
3Michelle O’HerlihyU142:02
4Cleo Pitcher FarrellU142:07
5Ciara FarrellU162:07
6Maeve MartinU142:08
7Roisin HannonU122:21
8Ciara HannonU142:41
Emma MacHughU23DNR


[toggle title=”Female Slalom”]

First Name
1Ciara FarrellU161:24
2Michelle O’HerlihyU141:31
3Maeve MartinU141:39
4Eadaoin WhelanU231:49
5Cleo Pitcher FarrellU141:83
6Kate McCarthyU141:85
7Emma MacHughU231:93
8Roisin HannonU121:99
9Ciara HannonU142:06



Male Races

[toggle title=”Male Mini-Marathon”]

First Name
1Tom BrennanU2323:32
2Jack O’HaganU1824:39
3Mark SlatteryU1624:44
4Conor Healy (K1)U2325:03
5Cade RyanU1825:10
6Ryan O’ ConnorU1425:10
7Odhrán Mc Nally (k1)U1825:49
8Conor QuinnU1825:26
9Brian O’NeillU1626:34
10Tom BurkeU2326:36
11Craig CumminsU1626:37
12Oisin FarrellU1827:19
13Cian ClarkeU1628:02
14Ronan FoleyU1429:39
15Aaron FoleyU1433:44
16Darragh ClarkeU1434:03
17Louis HannonU1434:09
18Fionn Mc NallyU1434:35
19Ronan SlatteryU1436:00
20Cormac SlatteryU1436:02
21Oisín McKayU1436:05
22Kevin QuinnU1437:05
23Finn McKayU1041:32
24Sean TrantU1041:52
25Michael O’HerlihyU1244:52
Conor Healy (C1)U23
Donnchadh FarrellU10DNF


[toggle title=”Male Wild Water Sprint”]

First Name
1Tom BrennanU2301:13
2Odhrán Mc Nally (k1)U1801:19
3Jack O’HaganU1801:21
4Conor Healy (K1)U2301:21
5Cade RyanU1801:21
6Craig CumminsU1601:22
7Conor QuinnU1801:23
8Ryan O’ ConnorU1401:24
9Oisin FarrellU1801:24
10Brian O’NeillU1601:26
11Tom BurkeU2301:27
12Mark SlatteryU1601:29
13Cian ClarkeU1601:29
14Ronan FoleyU1401:46
15Conor Healy (C1)U2301:50
16Aaron FoleyU1401:50
17Oisín McKayU1401:50
18Darragh ClarkeU1401:51
19Louis HannonU1401:51
20Fionn Mc NallyU1401:53
21Odhrán Mc Nally (C1)U1801:54
22Ronan SlatteryU1401:56
23Cormac SlatteryU1401:57
24Michael O’HerlihyU1202:06
25Sean TrantU1002:07
26Finn McKayU1002:23
27Donnchadh FarrellU1002:35
Kevin QuinnU14DNF

[toggle title=”Male Slalom”]

First Name
1Cade RyanU1800:94
2Tom BurkeU2300:98
3Oisin FarrellU1800:98
4Conor Healy (K1)U231:02
5Conor QuinnU181:10
6Odhrán Mc Nally (k1)U181:13
7Tom BrennanU231:23
8Finn McKayU101:30
9Darragh ClarkeU141:41
10Brian O’NeillU161:48
11Cormac SlatteryU141:48
12Aaron FoleyU141:49
13Kevin QuinnU141:55
14Fionn Mc NallyU141:69
15Ronan SlatteryU141:71
16Cian ClarkeU161:74
17Craig CumminsU161:78
18Michael O’HerlihyU121:79
19Louis HannonU141:82
20Mark SlatteryU161:88
21Oisín McKayU141:97
22Ronan FoleyU142:05
23Ryan O’ ConnorU142:08
24Sean TrantU102:33
25Donnchadh FarrellU102:98
26Jack O’HaganU183:40
27Conor Healy (C1)U23


Triple Crown Races Gallery

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