Pool Sessions

What happens next?

  • You’ve done a beginners course but haven’t been out on a trip?
  • Don’t feel confident enough on rivers yet?
  • Worried that you won’t have the skills to tackle the rivers in Wicklow on Sunday trips?
  • Just want to brush up on skills?
  • You want to learn to roll?

That’s what the pool sessions are for. Come along and improve your skills with the added advantage of a warm swimming pool. The WWKC pool sessions run every year throughout the winter season.

They usually start after the last beginners course is completed sometime around September and run right through to May. We will provide all that you need for the sessions at the pool. The club owns a number of boats and has paddles and spray decks available at the sessions for your use!

They are a fun way to learn how to roll and to improve your paddling skills. Every Thursday experienced members of the club are available to help you out and to talk you through various moves.


Pool Session Details

St. Josephs School for the Deaf, Navan Road, Cabra
(The old pool, not the new fancy one)

8-9pm every Thursday from 12th September 2013

€6.00 for adults
€4.00 for juniors

What to Bring:

  • Googles or Dive mask
  • Nose clip
  • Rash Vest – not essential but you can get chilly over the session
  • Swim shorts/Fitness leggings – again not essential but most people seem to wear them

No need for wetsuits, the pool is heated and you will get too hot and have difficulties getting into the polo boat.

Pool Officer at pool@wwkc.net



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