By now you have probably completed a Level 2 course (beginners) in WWKC and are wondering “what’s next?”

  • WWKC have loads of activities that happen all year round. These activities are detailed under Activities.
  • There are several ways to get access to information and the equipment that the club have. Some of the ways to access this information is detailed at Access to WWKC
  • WWKC run regular trips. Details of the trips can be found on the forum and on Club Trips
  • WWKC have a weekly pool session. Details of the pool session can be found on Pool Sessions

Most events are advertised on the forum where you will see topics about up and coming events. Everything else and more are shared on Facebook either on our page or in our group or both.

WWKC also has a newsletter. If you wish to subscribe to the WWKC newsletter please send an email including your full name to