Whitewater boats for taller people

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Whitewater boats for taller people

Post by Kieranmolloy » Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:09 pm

Just a note in response to a question on the beginners trip last week on boats that might suit taller people. Long legs and big feet can restrict the choice of suitable boats available but thankfully in this day and age there are still a wide selection to choose from. Here is a list of some of the boats that a taller paddler might want to consider. Bear in mind it is always best to try as many boats as you can before taking the plunge and spending your hard earned cash on your first boat. I would always recommend buying second hand where you can as it is cheaper obviously and avoids the pain of the first set of scratches on a new boat when you take it to Wicklow for the first time. The following boats would suit taller/bigger paddlers...

Pyranha Machno Large - Big boat - Even the medium is big. handles well, very stable, very manoeuvrable, plastic issues with some pyranha boats
Pyranha 9R Large - Not a beginners boat. New version in large size due out so you might see some on the second hand market, new model meant to be more stable and manoeuvrable.
Pyranh Burn 3 XL - hard rails softer than the Burn 2 though. Legendary creek boat.
Pyranha Everest - Replaced by the Burn 3 XL but worth a look second hand.
Zet Director - Great plastic, deep rails so carves well but you need to be aware of them.
Zet Cross - Great plastic, nice stable boat, Clayton & Colin recommend them in avocado and sunset yellow only.
Zet Toro - Dave Kavanagh fits in one so suits taller paddlers
Dagger Mamba 8.6 - The largest of the Mamba's, Stable boat, very popular so they come up second hand. older boats tend to be heavy
Dagger Phantom - one size fits all. Quite a narrow boat but might suit a tall thin paddler
Dagger Nomad Large - Legendary creeker, displacement hull, I found them quite narrow
Jackson Nirvana Large - Incredible boat, long at 9 foot 4 inches, stable, knee position doesn't suit everyone, jackson boats are reassuringly expensive.
Jackson Karma Large - Only available second hand - Very big boat, very stable, again expensive and don't come up that often.
Waka Gangsta - Thigh braces can be a bit enclosing but can be adjusted with a sharp knife and a little bravery.
Waka OG - Phil swears by these Clayton moved over to Zet from one though so jury is out (only joking Gerry/Franzi)
Waka Steeze - 2 in one boat (the back comes off to make it slicey - interesting concept to keep costs down i.e. buy a 2 in 1 boat
Liquid Logic Jefe - Large boat displacement hull can be tricky starting out and not great for surfing
Wavesport Phoenix - Don't know a lot about them but I did hear it doesn't handle that well

If you are looking for something slicey (low volume stern to allow you get vertical)
Pyranha Ripper Large - Very comfortable boat
Dagger Axiom 9.0 as recommended by tall Dave

People also need to consider the weight range for a boat. There is a lot of variation between the manufacturers on defining the weight range so I wouldn't exclude a boat because I am at the bottom or top of the range. Just worth considering when you are demoing.

Final advice demo demo demo before you buy and try as many boats as you can. Most of the boats mentioned above are owned by WWKC paddlers so it shouldn't be a problem to arrange a sit in and try out on one of the trips or at the club. Feel free to add and update.
I hope it is useful.

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Re: Whitewater boats for taller people

Post by alanhall » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:11 pm

The mamba 8.6
I loved as a beginner super comfy boat and very easy and forgiving to paddle. Not to bad to roll either but defo need a good hip flick and connection to the boat.

The large machno
I also loved the machno very stable, fast (maybe too fast for a beginner) and maneuverable. Only cons i would have would be its a very very big boat to empty (which didnt bother me because i wouldnt be the one emptying it lol ) and the plastic wasn't great.

The zet director
Took a little getting used to after paddling the mamba but an amazing boat to paddle once you get used to it. Super stable, fast and amazing plastic.
I am currently paddling the director so happy to let you demo mine if your looking at one.

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Re: Whitewater boats for taller people

Post by Kieranmolloy » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:07 pm

I am paddling a large nirvana. Very stable fast and very precise. The knee position is lower than other boats and the stern is quite long. The Jackson outfitting is top notch and it is designed so that no holes drilled in the hull so it is a very Dry ride. I also paddle a ripper which is a very comfortable boat. Same as Alan if anyone is looking at buying either no problem arranging a spin.

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Re: Whitewater boats for taller people

Post by Pwall83 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:46 pm

Thanks for this Kieran, very useful info to have.

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