Change in CI Renewals

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Change in CI Renewals

Post by WWKC Secretary » Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:12 am

Hi all,

Just to inform you there has been a change to how the Canoing Ireland renewals will work this year. Instead of renewing on an members on an individual basis throughout the year CI are now allowing clubs to do bulk renewals. This is a return to the old method of CI renewals. The bulk renewal date for WWKC is 7th March 2019 - this is the date corresponding to the clubs membership of CI (in case anyone is wondering where that particualr date came from).

While this is great news from my point of view there are couple of side effects from it, which will only apply to this year.
  • I have been putting off renewing anyone whose CI membership expired recently so as to keep the rewals as simple as possible for March. Obvisouly if your membership has expired and you need it for courses, competetions or as a leader before the renewal date just drop me a mail and I can renew you before then.
  • Some people will have a shortened year if their CI membership was due to expire after this date.
  • Beginners and anyone joining the club later will also have a shortened CI membership year.
If anyone has any questions about this or needs their CI renewed urgently please contact me at Anything I can't answer I can ask CI about and if I keep getting a lot of the same questions I'll post the answers here.

Cathy (WWKC Secretary)
WWKC Secretary,

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