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Please see below race notice for the first WWR race of the season being organised by WWKC. A deliberate choice has been made to have the first race of the season on an easy, forgiving stretch of river (Avonmore, from the Meetings to Avoca) that still gives the challenge of picking fast lines and paddling through waves, etc. so that it will be accessible for newcomers and is paddleable at all water levels.
In advance of the event, I’ll be holding a come and try it session for WWR boats and more particularly Wavehoppers at WWKC this Saturday 3 of Nov at 10 AM. The idea is to give people a chance to try out the boats, learn some of the basics or for those who have paddled these before it will provide a chance to re-familiarise themselves with the boats.
As a follow on to the come and try it session, if there is interest, we’ll also run an organised & supervised paddle on the race stretch on the morning of the race to give people some practice in the boats on the river in advance of the event.
If anyone has any queries, please let me know (085-1742261).


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