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Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo is a team sport involving two teams of five players where the objective is to score in the opponent’s net which is suspended two metres above the end of the pitch.

The teams pass and dribble the ball in order to move closer to the opponent’s goal and to establish good shooting positions. The opposing team members try to block these passes and shots and also can tackle the player in possession in order to get the ball and counter attack. Canoe Polo can be played indoors or outdoors which makes it a great all year round sport for competitors and spectators alike.

The game begins with the ball being thrown towards the middle of the pitch with a sprint to the ball by one player from each team in order to gain possession. Those in possession of the ball can be pushed over which often leads to a spirited battle for the ball straight from the off. This continues throughout the game as one team tries to work a clear shot on target whilst the opposition defends and attempts to win back the ball and begin their attack. Counter-attacking once possession is won is a feature of every game.

It is difficult to describe the passion and excitement that is created when a Canoe Polo game is in progress. The game is played at a constant high speed with participants sprinting the length of the pool, weaving through the opponent’s lines of defence and spinning in their short unstable craft. The power, grace, and balance of competitors is difficult to capture on paper as is the fierceness and intensity with which polo is played. The best way to understand the game is to watch it as it makes a great spectacle, even if you don’t know the rules!

History of Canoe Polo

The roots of the sport can be found in the other disciplines of Canoeing. In the early thirties, European countries started sitting in a kayak and throwing a ball to each other.

A new game had arisen. It took until 1986 to have the Canoe Polo Committee come to life and in 1994, Great Britain had the honour to host the first Canoe Polo World Championships. Since then the Championships have been held in a bi-annual rhythm with the latest ones held in Poznan in Poland in 2012.

WWKC & Canoe Polo

WWKC continue to provide members of the club to the Ireland squads and they continue to represent us in the Europeans and Worlds each year. The club also has a steady stream of new entrants to the sport each year as introduction courses are run by the club each summer.

WWKC is the predominant supplier of teams to all divisions within the Dublin Canoe Polo League (DCPL) which runs throughout the year, whilst numerous competitions are run around the country throughout the summer months.

The sport has something to offer for all levels of ability
for novices, it is a great way to expand your paddling skills and meet new paddlers, whilst the league and competitions offer an ideal outlet for those more competitive individuals.

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