The security of the club is the main concern of all members and all members should ensure that all doors are securely closed when they leave the club. This includes going on the water.

Key fobs can be obtained from the Secretary for access to the clubhouse. These will only give you access to the clubhouse itself.

A meeting room is provided upstairs in the clubhouse.
Contact the Secretary if you want to book a meeting at the clubhouse.

There are 6 club boat storage areas on site. These are (starting from the clubhouse):

  • Shed 1 – K1 Boat Shed
    Allocation of space controlled by the Marathon Officer
  • Shed 2 – Slalom & Canoe Polo Shed
    Allocation for the slalom spaces by the Slalom Officer
    Allocation for the Polo Spaces by the Polo Officer
  • Shed 3 – GP Shed
    Allocation of Spaces and Access to gear by the GP Officer
  • Shed 4 – K1 Boat Container
    Allocation of spaces by the Marathon Officer
  • Shed 5 – Open Canoeing Container
    Allocation of spaces by the Open Canoeing Officer
  • Shed 6 – (At back of shed) – WWR/K2/K4 Shed
    Allocation of WWR spaces by WWR officer
    Allocation of K2/K4 spaces by Marathon Officer

Full details of who the various officers are can be found on the Contact Us page.