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If you’re interested in one of the best beginner kayak course deals check out what’s included in our beginners package:

During the Course:

  • Pre-course Introduction Talk.
  • The 6 weeks course including Canoeing Ireland’s Level 2 Assessment
  • Membership for the rest of the club year (end of Feb 2018)
  • Use of club boats, paddles, spraydecks, wetsuit long-johns and bouyancy aids

After the Course

  • Continuation sessions to get you started on your journey to L3 (moving water)
  • Kayaking Clothing and Gear Introduction Talk
  • River trips with club leaders
  • Use of club gear (boats, paddles etc) on club trips till May 2018
  • Progression sessions and continuous training
  • Paddling Weekends away
  • Weekly Pool Sessions in Winter – to learn and practice Eskimo Rolls (extra fees of €8/€10 to cover pool hire)
  • Access to all disciplines from a beginner level upwards (Open canoeing, Slalom, Canoe polo, Marathon, Wild Water Racing)

If you want to express your interest or want more information please email beginners@wwkc.net

See you on the water.


WWKC Beginners Officer