The WWKC Blueway 10k Taster session

– Saturday 14th May at 10am –

The aim of the Blueway 10K is to help members increase their distance paddling with a view to participating in distance events such as the club Lower Liffey race and the Liffey Descent. The course is basically set up like ‘couch to 5k’ except on water.

Where: Wild water kayak club

When: Come and try it session on May 14th 10am

Who: Sessions will be open to any level 2+ member of the club.
The event is suitable for members with some paddling experience who will like to improve on their forward paddling technique, extend paddling distance and improve paddling fitness.

Sessions: Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. (Time to be confirmed)

Instructors: John/ Jim and Conor Healy, David Martin (hopefully more to come).

  • The sessions are open to WWKC members and free of charge.
  • Club boats and equipment will be available.
  • Club coaches Jim/John Healy and our Marathon officer Paul Moroney will support and brief you on the day.
  • The Blueway is not designed to put anyone in a particular type of boat. It’s designed for people using everything from sprint K1 through to sit-on tops and anything in between. We won’t be using a particular type of kayak. The focus is on improving forward paddling and fitness in whatever type of boat you are comfortable in.
  • If you want to try out long boats we are quite happy to help out with that. The club has a good selection of WWR (including Wavehoppers) and K boats which are very stable and suitable for starting out in. We’d encourage you to have a go in the long boats, either at the taster session or during the Blueway training.

Similar events are being run by other providers, details of which are on the Canoeing Ireland Website under Blueway events.

The are unlimited places but it would be nice for the guys to know who’s coming on the day. Put your name down if interested in coming along.

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Any questions contact Paul at :

About Blueway:

The Blueway 10k is 3 hours a week for 12 weeks. Starting on 28th May and ending on 20th August 2016.




Blueway 10K is a fresh approach to canoeing and paddlesports, picture couch to 5k but on the water.  Blueway 10K aims to take all the hassle out of paddling activity, allowing people quick and easy access to the water.  This no nonsense workout will allow people to turn up in regular workout clothes, put on a buoyancy aid, grab a boat and paddle, and go for short intensive work out. The programme is based on a 12 week training programme, running from the 28th May 2016 to the 20th August 2016, with three hours of activity a week.

The programme is designed for three one hour workouts but these can be combined and adapted into two 1.5 hour work outs or even one 3 hour workout to suit participant’s busy schedules.  Participants should be aiming to complete more than 2/3’s of the training programme over the 12 weeks.  On the 20th of August 2016 we will co-ordinate a series of Blueway 10K events around Ireland so participants can attend a Blueway 10K event locally minimising logistics and travel.

Blueway 10K is tailored for total beginners who have never paddled before but due to its new approach to paddlesports coaching will also be suitable and beneficial to intermediate and even expert paddlers who want to improve their paddling technique and fitness.  The Blueway 10K will be the perfect summer training routine to prepare for the 2016 Liffey Descent.  Although the programme is written for kayaks, the Blueway 10K can be completed in any paddlesports craft including sit on tops, open canoes and stand up paddle boards.

With the input of three times Olympian Eoin Rheinisch and World Championship Marathon Paddler and PhD in Sports Science Neil Fleming, Canoeing Ireland have developed a comprehensive 12 week, 36 session training programme which can be easily understood and implemented on your local stretch of water. This step by step programme will guide participants, instructors and coaches through progressions in technical skills, physical fitness, mental preparation, tactics and nutrition.This training programme has the potential to revolutionise Irish Paddlesports.  We guarantee that anyone who completes or delivers this training programme, no matter how novice or experienced you are, will improve their paddling skills, get fitter and be amazed by the beauty of Irelands Waterways.

Important Blueway Dates:

  • 14th Mary Blueway 10K National Open Day
  • 28th May Start of Blueway 10K training
  • Weekly release of training videos and training plans
  • 20th August Blueway 10K events nationally

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