Hey Girls

On Saturday the 21st of February at 8.30am all ladies will meet at the car park in Sluice, Lucan, Dublin for a Slalom training day with Hannah Craig on the River Liffey.

I want to stress this is an open session for all levels of female paddlers, across the WWKC club membership and non members. Just sign up, pay the €10 fee to cover expenses and most importantly have fun on the day and learn lots.

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Pending on the turn out on the day Hannah will group people together and run sessions accordingly to group size on the water. The afternoon session around 2pm, we will head to Wild Water Kayak Club to sit down in the warmth and listen to a very informative presentation from Hannah, she is a font of knowledge and tremendous amount of experience around fitness, motivation, strategy and her Olympic journey history and now preparation again is definitely a day not to be missed.

Paddling with Hannah at the sluice is going to be a great experience for all female paddlers across all disciplines.

Hannah also mentioned she will be training at the sluice herself again on the Sunday and invited anyone interested along to join her.

Check out Hannah’s website for more info on her profile.


To bring along on the day:
  1. Paddle, helmet, BA, spraydeck, and kayaking clothes and plenty of thermals. Normal gear for a day on the river.
  2. Bring your own slalom boat if you have one or bring a GP river runner if you feel more comfortable running sluice in it. Alternatively at WWKC there will be a limited supply of slalom boats for use for the day.
  3. Bring a few warm changes of clothing as there maybe a break in groups being on the water and on the bank.
  4. Bring your lunch and a warm drink


Any queries please email me at amybramley@gmail.com

Amy Bramley