In honour of WWKC’s 50th birthday, we are running three races for the price of one (€5) – with some €50 prizes.

On the day, a food stall run the RAPID ladies rafting team, will have various refreshments for purchase. Proceeds will go to fundraising for a raft to assist in the development of ladies rafting in Ireland.




Aerobic AM:


5.5km Mini-Marathon upriver of WWKC

on flat water (2 laps, WWKC to Liffey Centre).
Race briefing: 09:30 & start time: 10:00.[/grid_6][clear]

Anaerobic PM:


300m 1-run WWR Sprint downriver of WWKC

Race briefing: 12:00 & starting at 12:30


1-run Slalom at WWKC

starting at 13:30.[/grid_6][clear]

NB: If a flood is unavailable, the races will be run on flat water. If a flood is available, then the races will involve shooting Palmerstown weir.



Winning Royalty, i.e. race kings and queens, will be selected by racer ranking, based on 3 separate points systems:

  1. Absolute gender based ranking: i.e. no age or class groupings
  2. Class ranking: Male/Female, C1/K1, Sen., U23, U18, U16, U14, U12, U10
  3. Wildcard ranking: (1 + 2)/(age in months)

In the event of multiple winners of the same prize, prizes will be split or awarded via raffle/toss.


Entry Form:

[button text=”Download Triple Crown Entry Form” link=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/3CrownsEntryForm_orig.doc”]


Email completed form to: or alternatively give to Doc.
Entry period: Sep. 20th – Oct. 6th 2013
Entry acceptance order will use entry date/time stamp.



  • Pay entry on the day.
  • Entry numbers are limited to 50 maximum.
  • Entries accepted as first come, first accepted, but filled using gender equality.
  • Day membership of CI is required for non-CI/WWKC members.
  • Please drop your boats/gear and park uphill in the Phoenix Park.
  • Although the races are open to all ages, priority entry will be given to Junior and U23 paddlers.