It’s that time of year again. The Odyssey on the Liffey is on Sunday October 7th. This is an annual event which is run as part of National trails Day. This event is open to every one.

The event will run as a canoe tour starting from Garda Boat Club and making its way to just before East Link Bridge. It is intended to a fun event to bring together canoeists and Kayakers to give them an opportunity to paddle down the Liffey along the historic quays. It is open to all paddlers who are minimum Level 2 skills standard.

This event is a bit of fun so fancy dress is strongly encouraged preferably with a Pirates & Princess theme. So if you have an outfit or you’re good with a needle and thread and can whip something up, you can look the part. If you play an instrument or bang a drum bring it along, It’s all for a bit of fun…


Start Time:

Start Venue :

Finish :

Expected finish time:



14.00hrs (2pm)

Garda Boat Club

East Link Bridge at the O2

17hrs (5pm)

Secure parking is available and will be provided by Dublin Port.

P.S. Please check times closer to event as they may change slightly due to the tide conditions

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NATIONAL TRAILS DAY is a celebration of Ireland’s wonderful variety of trails and a chance for everyone to enjoy some of our most beautiful countryside, forests, mountains and lakes.

As part of National Trails Day this year Outdoor Discovery Adventure Company and a number of canoe clubs including WWKC are organising the “Odyssey on the Liffey” which is a canoeing trip on the River Liffey.

It will start at the Garda Boat Club and finish in at the East Link Bridge. The event is open to the general public but intending participants must satisfy the organisers they have sufficient ability to participate.

It is intended to be a fun and leisurely trip down the Liffey. Fancy Dress is strongly encouraged. It is open to Open Canoes primarily but participants may use Kayaks, Sit -on -Tops or any craft that involves a paddle.

Participants are expected to supply their own boat – preferably an Open Canoe but there will be a limited number of places available in Open Canoes to anyone who cannot supply their own. All participants must wear approved Buoyancy Aid and helmet and appropiate safety equipment and bring suitable clothing.


What you will need:

  • A packed lunch with snacks
  • A Towel
  • A pair of old runners for wearing in the water
  • Sunscreen
  • Plenty of drinks
  • A sense of Adventure


Some places of interest en route

The River Liffey flows through Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. It rises in the Sally Gap, near to Kippure, and runs for around 75 miles (125km) to enter the Irish Sea in Dublin Bay

  • Start Point Garda Boat Club,
  • Rowing Clubs – Army Club , Neptune Rowing Club , Commercial Club ,
  • Heuston Station (R)
  • Croppy Acre (L)
  • Collins Barracks (L)
  • Clarence Hotel (R) – association with U2
  • Four Courts (L)
  • Custom House (L)
  • Point Depot (L)
  • Jeannie Johnson (L)
  • Spencer Dock

Liffey Bridges Dividing the Northside of Dublin from the Southside.

The Liffey is spanned by numerous road bridges and footbridges including (listed from West to East) :

  • Sean Heuston Bridge
  • Frank Sherwin Bridge
  • Roy O’More Bridge
  • James Joyce Bridge
  • Mellowes Bridge
  • Fr. Mathew Bridge
  • O’Donovan Rossa Bridge
  • Grattan Bridge
  • Millennium footbridge – pedestrian only
  • Ha’penny Bridge- pedestrian only
  • O’Connell Bridge – Carlisle Bridge
  • Butt Bridge
  • Talbot Memorial Bridge
  • East-Link Bridge
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