Access to Clubhouse & Site

The security of the club is a main concern of all members and all members should ensure that all doors are securely closed when they leave the club. This includes going on the water.

+Access to Information
A weekly newsletter is produced by the Social Officer each week.
If you wish to subscribe to the WWKC newsletter please email us and include your full name in the message:
+Access to the Club House.
Key fobs can be obtained from the Secretary for access to the club house. These will only give you access to the club house itself.
+Access to the Meeting Room
A meeting room is provided upstairs in the clubhouse. Contact the Secretary if you want to book a meeting at the clubhouse.
+Access to the Boat Sheds.
There are 6 club boat storage areas on site. These are (starting from the clubhouse):

  • Shed 1 – K1 Boat Shed
    Allocation of space controlled by the Marathon Officer
  • Shed 2 – Slalom & Canoe Polo Shed
    Allocation for the slalom spaces by the Slalom Officer
    Allocation for the Polo Spaces by the Polo Officer
  • Shed 3 – GP Shed
    Allocation of Spaces and Access to gear by the GP Officer
  • Shed 4 – K1 Boat Container
    Allocation of spaces by the Marathon Officer
  • Shed 5 – Open Canoeing Container
    Allocation of spaces by the Open Canoeing Officer
  • Shed 6 – (At back of shed) – WWR/K2/K4 Shed
    Allocation of WWR spaces by WWR officer
    Allocation of K2/K4 spaces by Marathon Officer

Full details of who the various officers are can be found on the Contact Us page.