About Us

Wild Water Kayak Club is a voluntary organisation and the members are proud to be part of the biggest network of paddlers in Ireland. With a reputation for fun, safety and learning, our club continues to grow and improve.

The Wild Water clubhouse is at Strawberry Beds, Dublin, on the banks of the Liffey, just above Palmerstown Weir and it runs successful introductory courses every year to introduce people to kayaking.

We have a significant number of qualified and trainee instructors and if you would like to learn to canoe or kayak we encourage you to get in touch at beginners@wwkc.net.

Wild Water Kayak Club has active participants in each of the disciplines the club is involved in – river running, freestyle, polo, slalom, open canoeing, wild water racing and marathon.

There is a range of ability in each discipline from novice to expert, and paddlers are encouraged whether they prefer to specialise in one discipline or partake in them all, and whether they want to participate in a competitive or recreational manner.

The club also has a flourishing junior section which caters for all levels from beginners courses through to instructor level training.

To find out more about the club in general, why not have a nose about the site.

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